Monday, 21 April 2014

Veritable Vintage Fair, Ilfraombe

Can't really believe I haven't posted on this blog since time flies.   But now that I have embraced technology by starting a Facebook Artist page, I decided it was time to embrace this technology business and update the blog on a regular basis, especially as my website will be down for a few weeks, while a new one is created.  And not before was slightly out of date to say the least..

Had a great day yesterday at the Veritable Vintage Fair in Ilfracombe (get the pun? ....Verity is Damien Hirst's sculpture Verity which stands in the harbour in Ilfracombe) but I was so busy, I forgot to take any photos....the weather was awful which brought in the crowds and a good day was had by all.  Thanks to Sandy for arranging another cracking event.   No doubt she will have taken some pics which I can hopefully post here later.

In the meantime,

here are some photos I took on Woolacombe beach on Friday evening, it was the most glorious evening and the sunset was stunning, surely this must be one of the most beautiful places ever...

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