Sunday, 27 April 2014

Appledore Crafts Company

For just over a year now I have been a member of the Appledore Crafts Company - a craft cooperative that has been running for  many years. We are a happy band of 14 full local(ish) members,and work includes ceramics, textiles, jewellery, glass, books, prints, photography, woodwork etc, etc.   We also have work from other associate members mostly from the South West, including baskets, metalwork.  We have to do 2 days a month in the shop, and as I'm in here today I thought I'd share some of the work with you.  
Raku clock by Tony Worthington

Lovely stool by Dave Baker

 The Inky Otter's corner

More from the Inky Otter

Beautiful ceramic wall plaques by Ellie Bartleman, photographs by Bob Seymour

The Ancient Mariner

Metalwork by Bill & Peach Shaw

Bob Seymour

Pansies by yours truly

Wooden House by Jay Luttman-Johnson

Blessed by the Moon by Jay  Luttman-Johnson

Sea Bass by Bill & Peach Shaw

Big house by Jay Luttman Johnson

Recyced copper Bird Bath by Chris Cain

Some of my brooches

Daisy Clock by Bill & Peach Shaw

Calves by Caroline Lucas

Hats & Scarf (by me)

Front gallery space

Jewellery by April Doubleday

Griz Luttman Johnson's map books

Batik collage by Penny Laird

Felt scarflets & stitched brooches

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