Saturday, 24 May 2014

My cat Pickles just loves it when I get the sewing machine set up in the conservatory.  I think he thinks I do this purely for his benefit,as he is there like a flash, right in the thick of it, as close to the machine as possible, usually wrapped up in whatever it is I am sewing.   In this instance I am finishing off a long overdue commission for the lovely Cornish artist Jenny Wheatley.

These are the finished pieces which now have been returned to the school.  A really successful project.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The photos show the progress of the laying out process throughout the morning.  I'll post photos of the finished pieces when they're dry.

Primary School Felt project

Spent a lovely day today at Rydon Primary School nr Newton Abbot, working with 60 yr 1 children, (5 and 6 year olds,) producing 2 pieces on the theme of Devon Landscapes. 
These are the pieces laid out, before felting. Amazingly the children did virtually all of it themselves, I only showed them how to pull the fibres off and put them down, and they had finished by lunchtime..
I finished them off at home, not feeling brave enough to get 60 small children to do the rolling.. and the pieces are drying now, ready to return to the school on Thursday for the end of their Arts Week.
The day was funded by the Helen Foundation, a local charity that supports young people in the Teignbridge area fulfil their artistic and creative aspirations. (

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Verity in Ilfracombe

Although I was too busy to take photos at the Vintage Fair last weekend, I did take some on the Monday when I was out and about around the harbour.  It was the most beautiful day and the north Devon scenery was at it's best with all the fresh colours of Spring.

For those of you who have never been to Ilfracombe, it is a delightful little town, and has been given quite an artistic boost lately by the long term loan of Damien Hirst's magnificent statue "Verity" and the opening of his gallery next his restaurant.   Here are some pics..
Standing over 20m high, Verity is an allegory for truth and justice

Ilfracombe is a working harbour for many fishermen

The Waverley docked at the Quay - this is the boat that regularly ferries passengers and cargo to Lundy island

Appledore Crafts Company

For just over a year now I have been a member of the Appledore Crafts Company - a craft cooperative that has been running for  many years. We are a happy band of 14 full local(ish) members,and work includes ceramics, textiles, jewellery, glass, books, prints, photography, woodwork etc, etc.   We also have work from other associate members mostly from the South West, including baskets, metalwork.  We have to do 2 days a month in the shop, and as I'm in here today I thought I'd share some of the work with you.  
Raku clock by Tony Worthington

Lovely stool by Dave Baker

 The Inky Otter's corner

More from the Inky Otter

Beautiful ceramic wall plaques by Ellie Bartleman, photographs by Bob Seymour

The Ancient Mariner

Metalwork by Bill & Peach Shaw

Bob Seymour

Pansies by yours truly

Wooden House by Jay Luttman-Johnson

Blessed by the Moon by Jay  Luttman-Johnson

Sea Bass by Bill & Peach Shaw

Big house by Jay Luttman Johnson

Recyced copper Bird Bath by Chris Cain

Some of my brooches

Daisy Clock by Bill & Peach Shaw

Calves by Caroline Lucas

Hats & Scarf (by me)

Front gallery space

Jewellery by April Doubleday

Griz Luttman Johnson's map books

Batik collage by Penny Laird

Felt scarflets & stitched brooches

Monday, 21 April 2014

Bishops Hookers..

We have recently formed a rug-hooking group in my village, we are now known as the "Bishops Hookers"  (don't correct me on my grammar please, Bishops is short for Bishopsteignton..!!).

We meet once a month and most a new to hooking.  Cake is naturally a very important part of the day and last Thursday was no exception.

Visiting beautiful Knightshayes Court last week with my daughter and 4 little grandsons, I bought some rhubarb - never seen so much rhubarb growing in one place before.   Found an amazing recipe for rhubarb cake on the River Cottage page...if you like rhubarb, try this one, it's the best one I've ever made...

So here are some pics of the day...
Rhubarb bed at Knightshayes

Rhubarb cake, yum...

Veritable Vintage Fair, Ilfraombe

Can't really believe I haven't posted on this blog since time flies.   But now that I have embraced technology by starting a Facebook Artist page, I decided it was time to embrace this technology business and update the blog on a regular basis, especially as my website will be down for a few weeks, while a new one is created.  And not before was slightly out of date to say the least..

Had a great day yesterday at the Veritable Vintage Fair in Ilfracombe (get the pun? ....Verity is Damien Hirst's sculpture Verity which stands in the harbour in Ilfracombe) but I was so busy, I forgot to take any photos....the weather was awful which brought in the crowds and a good day was had by all.  Thanks to Sandy for arranging another cracking event.   No doubt she will have taken some pics which I can hopefully post here later.

In the meantime,

here are some photos I took on Woolacombe beach on Friday evening, it was the most glorious evening and the sunset was stunning, surely this must be one of the most beautiful places ever...