Saturday, 24 May 2014

My cat Pickles just loves it when I get the sewing machine set up in the conservatory.  I think he thinks I do this purely for his benefit,as he is there like a flash, right in the thick of it, as close to the machine as possible, usually wrapped up in whatever it is I am sewing.   In this instance I am finishing off a long overdue commission for the lovely Cornish artist Jenny Wheatley.

These are the finished pieces which now have been returned to the school.  A really successful project.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The photos show the progress of the laying out process throughout the morning.  I'll post photos of the finished pieces when they're dry.

Primary School Felt project

Spent a lovely day today at Rydon Primary School nr Newton Abbot, working with 60 yr 1 children, (5 and 6 year olds,) producing 2 pieces on the theme of Devon Landscapes. 
These are the pieces laid out, before felting. Amazingly the children did virtually all of it themselves, I only showed them how to pull the fibres off and put them down, and they had finished by lunchtime..
I finished them off at home, not feeling brave enough to get 60 small children to do the rolling.. and the pieces are drying now, ready to return to the school on Thursday for the end of their Arts Week.
The day was funded by the Helen Foundation, a local charity that supports young people in the Teignbridge area fulfil their artistic and creative aspirations. (