Thursday, 17 May 2012

Relaunching my blog

So here I am,  many months later, actually getting down to it at last...writing my blog that is..
How many times have I told myself to start writing's just something I keep putting off and off.  I love reading other people's blogs, but every day I find a really good excuse not to write my own.. usually just because I'm too busy.   Or tired.    Or I just run out of time.
It's an exciting time for me.   I got married in January  - sooo romantic, barefoot on the beach in Antigua...the things dreams are made of.

Then came home to a new house that needs EVERYTHING doing to it, and to the English weather, which will never, ever resemble Caribbean weather, more's the pity.   So, now I have this new life, (I am actually now Mrs Sumner, although it's just too difficult to change my name at the moment, too much paperwork) and I live in South Devon, in a little village near Teignmouth called Bishopsteignton, with my new husband, my dog, 2 full-time cats, and another cat that lives with us part-time.  (Long story..)

The tabby is Mr Pickles, the black and white one is Nutella.  They are very, very hairy, and as my dog is a Springer Spaniel, these animals ensure I spend a lot of time vacuuming up hair.....but they are all very cute.  They used to belong to my son, but now they live with me.  In London they were house cats, now they get to have a wonderful life roaming around outside in our garden and the fields around us.

The first thing I realised after moving in with someone else after living on my own for so long was that, like all textile people, I have far too much stuff, and some of it has to go!    Easy, I thought, I'll hold a table-top type sale in the village, invite people to join in, get rid of some stuff and make a bit of money for charity.  Perfect.  Thus was born the idea of the Handmade, Vintage & Textiles Fair, which will happen on Sunday 27th May at Bishopsteignton Village Hall.   I have quite a few people coming to sell their wares, but hadn't realised quite how difficult it would be to arrange something like this in a completely new area where I know no-one!  But in for a penny, in for a pound and I've just done as much advertising as possible locally.   Keeping my fingers crossed we get lots of visitors....  Take a look at the Facebook page....
Can't quite believe I've actually got around to writing this blog again, tomorrow I hope to list some of the people who are coming to take part in the Fair next watch this space and I hope it's not another 18 months before I write something else....

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