Sunday, 3 October 2010

Crafts For All Bristol

So my first entry on my blog after a scintillating weekend at a Craft Exhibition at UWE in Bristol.... Unfortunately it wasn't very well advertised, so consequently it was quite poorly attended and today was very quiet. However I met lots of lovely people and as a result am planning to arrange some workshops in the Bristol area for Spring 2011. Hopefully the organisers of the Show will get their act together for their next show and it will be a busier, more worthwhile event.
I ended up spending loads of money as my lovely granddaughter Azaria came along to be my trusty assistant and kept finding "must have" things on the other stands! Then Vicky arrived with the other 4 and it got even more expensive! The moral of the story is don't take small girls to exhibitions where there are endless amounts of pretty and interesting things to entice them...
My car is now bursting at the seams packed up with all the stuff to take straight on up to London for the Knitting & Stitching Show later this week at Alexandra Palace. Crumbs what a busy week...
Oh the photos are details of some of my latest pieces of work. Nuno felt using all recycled fabrics. I've made several new pieces of wearable art which will all be on show in London later this week.


  1. How did Nuno feel about the use of recycled fabric?

  2. He was delighted that I'm so concerned about the environment...xx

  3. Hi Jill, So good to see you are now a blogger! I have had a tremendous interest from it. I hope you are well and college is going well. If you ever need an extra hand do call. I am off to Exeter to the Westpoint Arena Wedding Show next week. I have 7 gowns going on the catwalk 3 times aday for 2 days. Nothing like being thrown in in the deep end!. Have a good week and good luck with London!xx

  4. Hi Caroline. My son will be at the Westpoint show too, along with his band - trying to drum up some business. I think they get to perform for 10 mins every hour or so. He's the big guy on the keyboards..! Have a good show, good luck with it, unfortunately I can't come as I'll be in London doing my PR thing too! Let's hope this brings me more business too, I only did it because you encouraged me!! See you soon xx